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Yoga vs. Running – Which is Healthiest For Your Lifestyle?

Are you considering a new fitness routine but struggling to choose between yoga or running? Both options can present positive outcomes. To help decide, you should first have a clear idea of what’s motivating you on your fitness journey. Weight loss, stress relief, and general fitness are popular motivations for becoming more active. Once you have settled on these you can then start figuring out which option is best for you.


If you are thinking of adding running or yoga to your exercise sessions, it is essential to consider how long you’d comfortably be able to sustain each activity.

For instance, some people prefer a 30-minute run to a 50-minute run. Then, in terms of yoga, there are several different forms of it as well, like Power Yoga, Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Bikram. These are all performed at varying intensities.

Depending on what your goals are a more bodily demanding option that gets your heart rate higher may be best. Then again, if you’re looking to reduce stress a soothing form of yoga or a light jog could be a top option.


Weight loss is based on the idea of burning more calories than you eat. As long as an activity can keep your body burning calories it can help you lose weight. So, if you opt for a regular schedule of yoga or running both should be helpful for weight loss. It’s just a matter of picking the right pace or type of yoga for your goals.

Muscle Gains

An essential aspect of any exercise session is strength-training. Building muscle will improve your strength and stamina. When done properly it can also lessen your risk of injury. However, when you are just starting out you should always workout with a running instructor or yoga teacher. That way they can show you the correct forms so you don’t accidentally injure yourself.

Choosing an Exercise

In the end, both yoga and running present good fitness options for a variety of fitness goals. It is essentially just a matter of settling on your goal, getting trained when you’re starting out and then making it a regular part of your lifestyle.

Eating Right

Once you’ve chosen between running or yoga or maybe even a combination of both, you’ll need to get your diet in order. You don’t need to jump on a diet fad but you should ensure you are eating healthy and nutritious foods.  You will need a good balance of protein, carbs and vegetables to sustain your new workout plans. If you find that you are having some difficulties creating a good meal plan you may want to look into a nutritionist. They can help you make a tailored plan that fits your lifestyle.

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