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Why use dianabol stacked with winstrol?

Dbol also known as Dianobol is a famous compound that is used by various wrestlers and body   builders across the world. The Dbolcompound can be used in conjunction with a number of anabolic steroids in order to accelerate the desired result in the body. Amongst the various supplements pairs that it is used with, one of the famous combinations is dianabol stacked with winstrol.

Winstrol is known as winny and was first developed in the year 1962 by Winthrop Laboratories and that’s where it got its name from. This compound is already approved post testing in the FDA laboratory. Winny is famous amongst body builders as unlike other supplementss it does not retain excess water in the body . As a result this cutting and hardening agent gives a hard look instead of a puffy one like other compounds. Not only is Winny useful for body builders but also for patients suffering with angiodemaIt and anemia. It is also used amongst animals and is used as an ergonomic support.

Now, Winny comes in both forms both oral as well as injectable.One can wish to take any one of these . However, injections might end up being a bit painful and may also lead to development of lumps and abcesses. As a result, the injections are given at various sites like bicep, tricep and shoulder to ensure that one particular point is not over exposed .


If injection is not your cup of tea , then you can also drink the compound by squirting the same into your mouth. This is mainly possible as both the oral as well as the injectable form of Winny are one and same and not much change in composition. However, in order to ensure that you derive the maximum benefit out of the compound, ensure that you drink the same or inject it after shaking it well. As it is an aqua based solution and it not stirred properly the compound might settle at the bottom of the bottle and might not give the desired as the intensity might lessen.

It is seen that the compounds are most effective when dianabol stacked with winstrol used together as compared to other sets of supplementss. Stanozolol is an extremely effective compound but it does not break into estrogen hence the user does not need to take the powerful anti estrogen laden ancillary supplementss to combat its effects.Moreover, it also combats other signs of excess estrogen in the body like gyno issues and water retention.

There are certain side effects of Winsttrol but nothing stark. These are mainly rare and may lead to water retention and excessive dose may trigger increase in blood pressure. Also, over exposure might result in liver toxication.

When you are using dianabol stacked with winstrol ensure you use about 35 to 75 mg of Winstrol if taken in oral form. If taken in injectable form, then have 25 to 50 mg of the supplements. These are the usual prescription of the supplements for men. Women should opt for lower dosage.

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