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Why Steroids Remain Widely Popular Among Athletes

The use of steroids remains widely popular among athletes who want to build greater size and strength. Indeed, the negative press surrounding steroids doesn’t seem to deter many who are convinced by what these drugs have to offer them.

Many people associate the use of steroids as a performing enhancing drug. Hence, its popular connection to athletes and anyone in the sports industry. Their competitive nature and the pursuit of winning are often the factors motivating many athletes to take steroids.

Types of Steroids Commonly Used by Athletes

Several performance-enhancing drugs are available in the market. Those more widely popular among athletes are anabolic steroids, Androstenedione, and Erythropoietin. Anabolic steroids build up the production of testosterone in the body. In turn, it fosters the growth of muscles. At the same time, it speeds up the body’s recovery after a workout.

For athletes who take their workouts seriously, turn to Androstenedione to help them recover faster from their training. To foster the movement of oxygen in the muscles, endurance athletes turn to Erythropoietin. However, this type of steroid can prove fatal if abused. It can foster a thrombotic event like a heart attack. Then again, a number of inflammatory conditions like lupus, gout, and arthritis use steroids as part of their treatment.

Side Effects of Taking Steroids

While it might serve its purpose to enhance an athlete’s performance on the playing field, it doesn’t cancel out the risks associated with it. Indeed, Documentation abounds on the side effects brought on by the use of steroids.

In general, taking steroids can contribute to baldness brought about by increased levels of testosterone in the body. The onset of acne is also evident. Steroids can also lead to infertility, heart and circulatory problems, as well as defects in the liver. Continued use could eventually lead to drug dependence when left unchecked.

Certain side effects affect men and women distinctly. Men risk a lower sperm count and breast enlargement. Women take the chance of physically becoming more masculine as their voice deepens.

Is There A Positive Aspect To Steroids?

When put to good use, steroids do have a positive aspect. In small, controlled doses, it serves as an effective medical treatment. For instance, people who suffer from osteoporosis can benefit from it, as it would help enhance their bone density.

Likewise, a patient suffering from muscular dystrophy can regain muscle to allow for better movement. Erythropoietin can help patients suffering from a severe kidney disease by treating the anemia associated with it.

Finding a Healthier Alternative to Steroids

Healthier alternatives exist to replace the use of steroids to enhance performance. You can easily substitute a number of natural substances, all of which can mimic the effects brought about by performance enhancing drugs.

Olive oil contains oleocanthal. It’s a natural steroid known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Yam is rich in progesterone, which can benefit men and women. It effectively boosts testosterone levels in men. It’s can also improve libido and protect against the development of gynecomastia.

Of course, there’s no substitute for actually working out and pumping iron. It builds muscle. At the same time, it boosts the body’s levels of natural growth hormone. You can still achieve the body and excel in sports if you take advantage of these healthier alternatives to steroids.

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