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What is there to Know about Having Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Those pearly whites, known as wisdom teeth, or mandibular third molars if you will, are those teeth at the back of your jaw that may or may not appear at some timeamid the ages of 16 to 25. These teeth get their name due to when they make their appearance, that is, at a time when someone should have gathered some wisdom about life.

And even though they originally had a function, nowadays they often chafe against other teeth and thus create problems, which then makes for a need for their removal in many young people.

Coming in Sideways

Due to where wisdom teeth grow, there’s always the possibility that they will have an impact on other nearby teeth and push against them. Anybody who is suffering should book an appointment for wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore, and get this looked after straightaway. This is commonly referred to as “coming in sideways”, because of the feeling that they are pushing the other teeth from the side.

This occurs usually if there isn’t enough space in the jaw for the teeth, so they enter at a strange angle. If someone prefers not to remove them in spite of any problems, the end consequences can be quite severe, with other teeth being pushed into disjointed angles, thus creating an unsightly situation.

Four Kinds of Impaction

There are four kinds of impaction that can happen with wisdom teeth, with two sorts, making up most of the cases.

  1. Almost half of all cases where wisdom teeth extraction is recommended, are cases of mesioangular impactionwhere a tooth is pointed towards the front part of the mouth.
  2. More than a third of cases are of vertical impaction, where a tooth doesn’t actually come up through the gum and can create a potentially dangerous situation.

And the rest of the cases are of either:

  1. Distoangular impaction, when a tooth is angled towards the back of the mouth,
  2. Horizontal impaction, where the tooth is pointing towards the roots of a second molar.

Don’t Leave Things Till Too Late

Vertical impaction may work out to be somewhat dangerous, because when a tooth exits the gum by only a slight part leaving a small flap of gum open, this can create a situation where food debris and bacteria can easily build up, and if not thoroughly cleaned and regularly, pericoronitismight set in, leading to a bad infection which will make wisdom teeth extraction even more painful and difficult.

It’s for this very reason that it’s of importance to go and visit a good dentist as soon as you feel your wisdom teeth starting to impact on other teeth. A lot of people wait way too long and expect that the teeth will sort themselves out, whereas a simple dental trip will easily provide one with all there is to know and what measures to take.

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