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What Does CS 8100 Carestream Have In Its Pocket?

Dental equipments have gone completely digitised and it has simplified a lot of procedures through its sophisticated technology, like cs8100 carestream. This is the most popular machinery in panoramic imaging. It has been designed so as to make the daily work of scanning and imaging more intuitive. The machine has a unique system that features many varieties of tools that ease the efforts on positioning, render quicker image acquisition with high quality, while the streaming to workflow remains undisturbed. Diagnose in real-time is possible with this machine. There are couple of other prominent features that this machine offers;

  1. Orientation: It is simple yet advance in technological manner, which allows the operator to spend less of his time, for the images and more of his time; caring for the patients. Image acquisition merely takes 10 seconds, while intuitive interface for user makes it convenient to select the settings for operation.
  2. Compactness: The machine is ultra-compact, which could fit in any tight space, but could always provide the necessary tools that a dentist would require; to work efficiently. The sleek body of aluminium makes for light, thin and robust structure, while the x-ray generator is made into a compact yet innovative design that is horizontal in shape.
  3. Integration: The machine has simple workflow, which could align with the patient’s present processes; seamlessly. It could connect directly to the network the dentist may be working on; via Ethernet. The imaging software has comprehensive features that allow it to improve communication and image sharing. On the upper side, the imaging software could also be integrated along with the existing management practice program for more productivity.
  4. Positioning: It has an optimized positioning feature that enhances the comfort of the patient. He may get the scan done, while sitting or standing or else even if he is in wheelchairs. The jaw morphology of the patient could be very well adapted by the 3 anatomical programs that make for perfect imaging.
  5. Images: These are always high-quality and absolutely sharp because of the processing algorithm software installed in the machine, which minimizes the spinal column shadows as well as produces sharp and clear digital images. Hence, these images are immediately ready for necessary review.

Other than the above prominent features, there are many more in cs8100 carestream that allows a large scope of work and subsequent assistance; in treating patients with dental issues.

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