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Understanding tooth restorations – and why patients need them

As dental professionals, we can often live our whole lives in a world of jargon that means a lot to us, but probably not much to our patients. Like any profession, until you take a step out of that world, it can be difficult to see how anyone could not understand what we are talking about, but there are so many verbal shortcuts, acronyms, scientific terminology, and grouped ideas that within five minutes of talking to a dentist at a party, you may find yourself desperate to leave! It is something that we are very careful about here because we do not want anyone to feel as though they are being kept out of some sort of exclusive club, because good dental health is absolutely for anyone. How can we encourage people to take better care of their teeth if they do not even know what we are talking about half the time!

That is why we wanted to talk a little bit about San Diego tooth restorations today: exactly what tooth restorations are, why we think they are so important, and why our patients often need them. We would also love to hear your thoughts, so make sure that you contact us if you have any further questions. After all, it is not certain that you will ever need a tooth restoration in your life, but if you go to a dentist in San Diego tooth restorations may come up in conversation, and we want you to be as informed as possible. So let’s start at the very beginning: what is a tooth restoration?

A tooth restoration is also known as a dental filling, which is often the way that people have heard about it before. When bacteria is allowed to grow in your mouth because you are not brushing properly, that bacteria will eventually eat away at the enamel of your teeth which is the protective layer around the outside. When that has gone, holes will start to appear in your teeth as the bacteria continues to eat through the calcium in your teeth, and the bigger the holes, the quicker that they will get bigger. The only way to stop this cycle is for your dentist to fill up those holes with a material that prevents the bacteria from getting in there, and that is what a filling is, nothing more, nothing less. The dentist restores your teeth to health by filling in those holes, and hopefully explaining how to brush your teeth to prevent it from happening again!

The key thing to remember is that although San Diego tooth restorations are increasing, this is probably due to a better understand of exactly what a tooth restoration is, and how a dentist can help someone get healthier. Many people have naturally softer and weaker enamel, which means that even if they do are doing their best and brushing their teeth often, their teeth start to weaken and holes start to form. Therefore do not worry about being told off by your dentist for not brushing your teeth – they will immediately be able to see that your enamel wasn’t able to put up a fight. Having a tooth restoration will greatly improve your dental health, which is why it is so important to get your teeth checked every year by your dentist. You may not even realize that you need a filling, and only their expertise will be enough to tell. Now that you know what a tooth restoration is, you can tell that it is nothing to be afraid of, and it is just another step towards better dental health.

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