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Two Ways Not To Deal with Your Busy Lifestyle

You already know that people are busier than ever these days. You spend a lot of time connected and online, you work from home even when you should be taking some time off, and many people are working full-time while raising kids.

Most articles that you’ll find about dealing with a busy life tell you what you do, but they should forget to mention what you shouldn’t be doing. Many people tend to make a wrong turn when dealing with stress, but you don’t have to.

Don’t Over-Think It

Most articles will tell you to take some time to create lists and make a plan, but sometimes making plans can cause you to overthink things. While list making is supposed to help you have a stress free life, sometimes the act of making that list can because you stress too.


If your list is taking too long and causing you fits, but it to the side and just live your life in that moment. Stop and take a breather, maybe meditate. If you spend time at night stuck on what you may have forgotten during the day, don’t just try to go to sleep. Write it down and get it out of your head.

For once, instead of making a list of what you need to do, try making a list of things you need to stop doing. This could include anything from not stressing over getting the dishes done or making sure that you stop forgetting to start your day with meditation and a healthy breakfast.

Don’t Use To Get By

Even just a drink to calm your nerves can lead to a bigger issue. Don’t turn to drugs and alcohol to get by. It’s easy to slip into addiction when you lean on substances, and then you’ll find that you are dealing with an even busier lifestyle as you have to enter rehab for treatment.

Rehab may take you away from the busy stuff, but it just adds even more pressure and pain to the busy life situation. You could even lose your children or your job, or even have your relationship fall apart.

Instead of turning to drugs and alcohol, turn to meditation and yoga. These are both great, relaxing forms of therapy that can help you get through stress and give you the drive you need to get through each day.

Instead of looking at your life like it’s something busy and in your way, see it as the life you want. See the glass half full and you will find that even the busiest life is less stressful. If you love your life the way it is then you won’t see it as an imposition when you have to work a few extra hours or you come home to screaming kids

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