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Travelling tips for a vacation with your babies

After you have a baby, one can get lost in a swarm of responsibilites and forget what they used to be but globe trotting with kids can be just as much fun. The best thing about kids is that they don’t ask you “are we there yet” after every 10 steps.

  1. Select the right backpack

Your backpack should have five point harness system that includes , straps that go over the shoulders, waist belts, and a crotch strap. Your backpack should be light and sturdy. When you carry our child in it, it should not strain your neck or your back. The weight should be divided equally this will help you go longer distances and take less breaks.

  1. First aid

Make sure this bag never runs out of items. Your first aid pouch should be well equipped with over the counter drugs such as painkillers, anti-histamines, insect repellents, hydration solutions and diarrhoea and vomiting preventatives for both baby and adults.

Your child’s vaccinations should be updated. Know about the necessary vaccinations before hand from your health advisor. Your boy and girl will keep bruising and injuring themselves throughout the journey so keep dettol, cotton, soframycin and tape handy! Do stock up on handwashing gels, lotions, and other travelling essentials. Breastfeeding moms should also carry nipple creams. You can search for the best nipple cream here.

  1. Diapers

Couples travelling with tiny tots should be well stocked with diapers. Do not forgot a zip lock pouch to store the used diapers. Buy diapers that last for a longer time, soak more amount of pee and keeps your baby happy and not itchy. Nothing is worse than a grumpy baby. Keep the diapers in a place that is easy to reach. Do carry diaper rash cream with you.

  1. Food and water

Carry light snacks with you or milk bottles with you and make sure your child does not travel empty stomach. Nothing is worse than a grumpy kid. So make sure you never run out of water and food. Select guest houses or hotels that offer breakfasts or dinners and preferably both. So that you do not have to go food hunting for your child morning and evening and especially after you are dead tired.

  1. Take breaks

Take frequent breaks as they help replenish you and your kids with energy. During breaks, stare at the map for a little longer and make sure your kids don’t lose interest in the provess and have their eyes set  firmly on the goal. Do not play with your kids during this time as they might be already exhausted and I am sure you would be too.

  1. Select places that are nearby

If you are thinking of travelling to multiple countries, try to select the ones that are nearby. This would help you to travel comfortably and spend less time on the plane and more exploring. This would also eliminate the chances of jet lag as time zones would not vary much.

  1. Take your pups along with you

I know that is an added responsibility but dogs are great with kids and keep you entertained as well. And if you are living with a dog in your tent then you are assured that no wildlife will come to your shelter at night to steal your food or chew your luggage.

Also your baby will have her best friend along!

  1. Toys

The greatest solution to end your child’s cries. Our cuddly babies can turn into absolute monsters when they cry. It is crucial to carry his favorite toys that will put him to sleep easily and make sure they don’t weigh your bag down.

  1. Blankets

Carry one to two blankets. You can  lay your baby on it when you are changing his diaper or cover yourself when nursing him or wrap him in it when he is feeling cold. A blanket serves many purpose.

  1. Nightlight

The nightlight should be kept in a pocket that is closest to you. It is of utmost importance at night when you are changing his diaper and need medium light instead of harsh light so as to not wake your little child up. It is also required for safe travelling anyway.

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