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Tips to Reduce Pain in Your Bladder

Your kidneys play a key role in filtering waste products and impurities in the body. However, when they can no longer effectively process these toxins, kidney stones can develop. This condition can cause intense abdominal or back pain, nausea and blood in the urine as your body struggles to pass the stones down through your bladder. If you’re struggling with the pain associated with kidney stones and your urology specialist has told you to simply wait for the stones to travel through your system, try these smart tips to find relief.

Eat kidney beans

It turns out that more than just the shape of kidney beans connect them to renal function. In fact, the pods of kidney beans have long been used as a traditional remedy for kidney stones. To try this remedy for yourself, remove kidney beans from their pods and then boil the pods in hot water for 5-7 hours. When the liquid has been strained and cooled, drink it regularly and see if it influences your kidney stone pain.

Experiment with celery seed

A great addition to spicy teas or tomato juices, celery seed is also said to help purify the urine and keep the kidneys in good working order. Regular celery consumption is similarly linked with bladder and renal benefits, so be sure to enjoy this crunchy vegetable as well.

Take magnesium supplements

According to a wide range of studies, magnesium supplements reportedly reduce kidney stone frequency in over 90% of patients. It is recommended that you take a daily dose of 300mg to get rid of a recurring kidney stone problem.

Drink basil tea

Drinking several cups of basil tea a day can boost your kidney and bladder health. For kidney stones, mix your basil tea with raw honey. It’s also worth considering a daily teaspoon of basil juice, which is popularly thought to help get rid of stones lodged in your urinary tract.

Try Uva Ursi

A popular herbal remedy for kidney and bladder troubles, Uva Ursi is said to help prevent kidney infections and cleanse the urinary tract (reducing pain as it does so). It appears to get rid of unwanted bacteria in the urine and work to reduce inflammation levels at the same time. For kidney stones, try taking a 500mg dose three times a day.

Have some pomegranate juice

Pomegranates are connected to an impressive array of health benefits, and some of those benefits concern the bladder and kidneys. A famous remedy for kidney stones, pomegranate juice is said to reduce the acidity of urine, making it harder for stones to continually form and stay lodged in your system.

Adjust your diet

Finally, there is some evidence that unhealthy drinks like sugary sodas and caffeinated drinks are linked to kidney stones, causing bladder pain. In contrast, those with a diet rich in delicious fruits and vegetables seem to be less likely to suffer from kidney stones.

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