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The Importance of Quality Glasses Frames

There are a several key factors that you must consider when purchasing new glasses frames. You want to buy frames that enhance your features yet are also strong and durable enough to last. Frames are available in every colour and design imaginable but choosing a frame that is your favourite colour may not always be the best choice for you. When buying frames, you should also look at the weight, durability, and price of the item along with the design.

It is possible to find frames that fit into any budget plan; however, you should keep in mind that when you choose affordable frames, you may end up buying more than you originally planned. Glasses are one product that you should invest in so that you don’t have to purchase multiple replacement frames over time. Therefore, quality should be the main factor that you consider when buying glasses frames in Perth.

Why the Type of Lens Your Optician Prescribes Should Determine Your Frames

When you visit the optician, he or she will look over your prescription to determine which type of lenses work best for your eyes. You will either end up with myopic, hyperopic, or progressive lenses. Myopic lenses are prescribed to individuals who are nearsighted while hyperopic lenses are prescribed to those who are farsighted. Progressive lenses have no visible line and transition as your eyes move up or down.

If your optician prescribes myopic lenses, the lens may be very thick. If that is the case, then you will need a frame that can support these lenses. You may want to consider a high-index smaller frame that will provide ample support for thicker lenses.

For hyperopic lenses, choosing frames that are smaller yet sturdier can help with the weight of the lenses and make your glasses more comfortable to wear. It is a good idea to choose frames that have adjustable nose pads instead of those that are fixed to keep your glasses in the correct position on your face.

If you have progressive lenses, you can choose practically any frame that you want, but be sure not to choose one that is too small for the progressive design of the lenses to work properly. If you do, the reading area of the lenses may end up smaller, making it difficult for you to read.

Additional Things to Consider When Buying Glasses Frames

Your frames should show off your best features and complement your look. They should fit comfortably while also allowing you to see through the lenses with optimal vision. Your optician or one of his or her representatives can help you find the ideal frames that will suit your personality, style, and your own personal vision needs.

When choosing a frame colour, consider whether your skin, eyes, and hair are warm- or cool-toned. Cool tones have either a blue or pink undertone while warm tones have yellow or peach.

The best frame colours for individuals with cool tones include black, blue-grey, plum, magenta, blue, and dark tortoise.

The best frame colours for those with warm tones are camel, gold, copper, orange, coral, bold red, and blonde tortoise.

Remember that investing in good-quality glasses frames can save you money over time; therefore, you shouldn’t settle for affordable frames just because you think you are getting a great deal. Choose frames that are strong and durable and maximise your vision while also complementing your best features.

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