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thAvoid Doctor Visits Caused By Home Buying

Sales of new single-family homes climbed 19.5 percent year over year, according to a report released Tuesday by the Census Bureau. With the housing market heating up, you may find yourself looking to upgrade your home.

Moving homes is an exciting, major life event. If not handled correctly,it can lead to serious emotional and physical consequences. Below are the most common medical symptoms that occur and remedies to avoid these unwanted nuisances.


Deciding between homes, finding financing, & house price negotiations are a lot for anyone to handle. The additions of a full-time job, kids, and errands will significantly increase stress.

Low back pain

When is the last time you saw the gym? If it has been a while, lifting heavy boxes and furniture may lead to weeks or month of muscle pain and discomfort.

Sleeping Disturbance

Closing on a new home without selling the previously occupied home is a common occurrence. Paying a mortgaged on two properties will keep the hardiest sleeper awake at night.


Don’t risk great grandma’s antique desk falling on you or pull a hamstring lifting a heavy couch. Consider hiring a local mover. Most services will accompany you on a home walkthrough, noting special items that require extra care. At your new home, all items are unloaded and placed in the designated rooms. A well-built professional is will finish the move quickly, avoid annoying scuff on walls, and avoid breaking valuables.

When packing, you may be asking “Where did all this clutter come from?” Cleaning out old junk kicks up dust and pollen, activating allergies.Instead of taking multiple, allergen filled trips to the dump or Goodwill, consider using a junk removal service that will make sure your junk is recycled, donated, or otherwise disposed of responsibly.

If you haven’t sold your previous home consider renting the property out while waiting for a buyer. This will reduce stress and help you sleep easy.

A variety of companies will list your home and find qualified renters to provide cash flow, helping cover expenses.

The symptoms associated with moving should not be taken lightly. They are so common that doctors are required to use a code to diagnose residential relocation symptoms. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself here.

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