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Steroids use in professional Sports

Steroids are used mostly by sports people as they provide utmost advantages to every individual. Different sports people use different steroids depending on the goals. For example, athletes use steroids to achieve an edge in their performance. Though, steroid usage is also related to many adverse side effects, sportsmen feel the utmost benefits provided by steroid were worth the side effects. Additionaly steroids also contain the hormones that can boost quicker recovery from injuries which is very important. Steroids can also increase endurance levels multiple times and because of this, athletes find it easier to run faster and to improve their performance in sports. Along with men, in women also greater effects can be achieved by using anabolic steroids.

As now days, even women are actively participating in sports and commentating with men, the much less doses of anabolic steroids can give them great benefits. The main thing that is to be kept in mind for women steroids users is, they must take steroids in low doses as female body has only minimal amounts of male hormones and giving even a small dose of steroids can multiply their strength many times. Taking high doses makes women much more subjective to hormone damage as introducing steroids into a female’s body is nothing but introducing male characteristics in her. Sports people take drugs to have a short route for gaining muscle. As this short route consists of many adverse side effects, at some times which may lead to death of a person, steroids are banned from professional sports like baseball, football and many more.

Quick muscle growth, fast decrease of fat, increased metabolic activities. All these reasons made steroid usage popular among athletes and bodybuilders to enhance their performance as quickly as possible. Generally steroids are water-based, so because of this they can traverse the body in only two days and can become untraceable within short time. So, by this reason, sportspersons pick out steroids as their best sources to build up their physique and also to enhance their performance. Every sports guy will have a desire to break the previous records or to create a record to make their fans and audience excited. To meet the expectations of the audience and their fans, sports people mostly take steroids as abnormal results could be possible only by using steroids. So, it is unfair to blame sports people for taking steroids as meeting expectations of the audiences and their fans are also a determining factor in their sports career. Though there are many benefits by the usage of steroids, because of adverse side effects and by keeping sports people health in concern, steroids are banned from professional sports.

Many feel that just usage of steroids can do magic, but the best effects of steroids can be achieved by following rigorous training regime and a proper, healthy diet along with usage of steroids. If any of these are not followed, then optimal results cannot be achieved just by the use of steroids. Using steroids under doctor’s guidance with prescribed dosage and for the right motives can give athletes an excellent boost to their performance with very less side effects. However, taking them in excess dosage not only damages their body, but also may lead to serious life risk.

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