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Steroids: The Basic Concept and Introduction to Anabolics

What are Steroids?

There can be different meanings associated with the term Steroid. But to speak of it generally it can be said that Steroids are the hormones or chemical compounds that the human body is meant to generate naturally by it. This article however deals with the ones that are man-made. There exist precisely two categories of the same. One is the most commonly known anabolics (anaboli-androgenic steroid) and the other is corticosteroid. The androgenic steroids have its own multiple benefits when consumed in prescribed cycles but one must always know the risks first.

Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids- Concept

The anabolics are nothing but synthetic testosterones that have been developed by man and are still being developed. This particular sex hormone is a replacement for that which the body should’ve produced on its own. In all cases of deficiency of the same, the doctors are allowed to prescribe the testosterone supplements that are now available in the market. However, there also are instances when the body produces the levels of testosterones that it is supposed to make but yet people, especially men, look out to consume additional testosterone to pump their muscle mass and increase their physical strength. This is the very reason why these anabolic androgenic steroids are so famous in the athlete community especially in that of the bodybuilders. But, well as they say, too much of everything is bad and so are these synthetic forms of testosterone. So it is best that you know the risks firstand then proceed to take them for your benefits. After all, there is a lot many bad names attached to these anabolic steroids for they are often times misused to enhance performances in the fields of sports particularly in weight lifting and bodybuilding.

The common Anabolics in the Market

The pharmaceutical market offers a wide range of anabolic androgenic steroids that more or less serve the same purpose for athletes. They just about replicate the functions of testosterone in the body while the rest triggers the body to produce more and more testosterone. Any which ways, the end result is similar for all. These performance enhancers do have their scientific names but they are more commonly known to people by their trade names, the names under which they are sold in the market. The drug Winstrol is more famous by its street name Winny but, its scientific name is Stanozol. However, do note that the names of the same steroids can very well vary based on the country. Some of the most easily known and found anabolics include Winstrol, Deca Durabol, Anabol, Anavar, THG, HGH, Clenbutrol etc.

The anabolics are available in both injectable and oral forms. Yes, these steroids do have great positive contribution to bodybuilders in terms of performance enhancement and physical strength but, know this that it is also potentially dangerous if not taken moderately as per prescription. However, if they are taken in the correct proportions for a restricted period of time, these steroids will do no harm to the body or the health; rather it will only reveal its positives.

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