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Spotting a sociopath – What are the signs and symptoms to watch out for?

There have been several psychologists who have always kept researching on the different facets of sociopathy. There are ace psychologists like Joseph Newman who argue that a sociopath will have attention bottleneck which lets him focus only on a single trail of activity while excluding everything else. Are you aware of how you could spot the true sociopaths? While there are many who would think that a serial killer is definitely a sociopath, it is not that all sociopaths are killers. Then what are the potential symptoms that you would find in a sociopath and how should you be able to spot them?

Sociopathic symptoms – What are the types?

There are several kinds of symptoms which form a cluster and which together define psychopathy or sociopathy. The symptoms vary as per the researchers but there are mainly 4 types of common symptoms of sociopathy.

  • Emotional
  • Interpersonal
  • Behavioral (antisocial activities)
  • Lifestyle

Sociopathy can be deemed to be a personality disorder and though the concept of having a sociopathic personality is often used interchangeably with an antisocial personality. Psychopaths are diagnosed by utilizing derivations of the psychopathy checklist.

Potential symptoms of a psychopath

As per the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy, here are few of the symptoms of sociopathy that you should include:

  • Lack of guilt: A psychopath or a sociopath will cause harm or hurt someone but he will not have any remorse about it.
  • Lack of compassion and empathy: This is yet another symptom when the psychopath doesn’t understand or recognize the pain of others.
  • Lack of attachment with people: You can spot the symptom in a sociopath who will stay away from others, most often emotionally.

As psychopaths re manipulative and they’re also charming at the same time, he might fake all of the above mentioned emotions. As per the Psychopath Society, these are the identified symptoms:

  • Superficial charm: You will find a charming and interesting personality who will seem to speak the right things always but is actions will most often not match with his words. He won’t practice what he preaches.
  • Narcissism: You will also spot an inflated sense of self caring and a heightened narcissistic attitude. Such people are called narcissistic psychopaths.

You have to remember that psychopaths are always in touch with reality and they have a clear idea of what they will do and who they are. This means that they can clearly hide their sociopathic tendencies and make them pretty tough to spot. To know more, you may visit

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