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Say Yes To Stem Cell Osteoarthritis Treatment To Get Rid Of Distressed Life Forever

Did you experience severe pain in your joints while moving? Do you lead a sedentary lifestyle and over-weight? Are you a diabetic or anyone in your family like mother or father had ever experienced severe joint pains? If you are a woman and that too aged, it is most likely that you have osteoarthritis and in such a case, without any delay, medication can be the right solution to this persistent problem. The disease is quite common and although, it causes wear and tear of your cartilage at joints, it is largely curable. However, early diagnosis is very important which can be done by an X-ray or a MRI (magnetic resonance energy) along with a blood test or a lab test for joint fluid analysis.

A large number of medications are available but unfortunately, you didn’t get cured or relief from them; stem cell osteoarthritis treatment is a good alternative! Some of the commonly used treatments available at hand are using braces or physical therapy. This also includes medications like intake of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, narcotics, injections, using wheelchairs for limited movement or even a joint replacement surgery! If you are a resident of Texas or living in neighborhood areas, you can easily avail the treatment using stem cells at affordable fees as there are centers with experienced physicians and adequate infrastructure to carry out the treatment diligently. However, before knowing what stem cell osteoarthritis treatment is about, it is vital to have a fair idea about stem cells.

Know about stem cells

These cells are the cells which unique ability to renew themselves and the primary roles of these cells are obviously repairing the tissue in a living organism in which they remain present. Their ability to become any cells irrespective from the organ they have been extracted is used by the medical fraternity to cure diseases like osteoarthritis. Stem cells extracted from your stomach can become skin, muscle or anything intended.

What is stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis?

The stem cell osteoarthritis treatment is not recommended for everyone suffering from osteoarthritis as told before and in fact used your body’s mechanism to promote healing of deteriorated cartilage in a natural way. Experienced physicians in this stem cell osteoarthritis treatment extract a little fat from your body usually from hips or stomach . Fat is extracted only after applying local anesthesia so you don’t feel any pain during the extraction process at all! You might experience some swelling or bruising right after the harvesting method is over but that will get fine just after 2-3 weeks.

Meanwhile, adult stem cells are then isolated from this fat to inject into the damaged joint area. There are obviously plenty of protocols to follow while deployment of stem cells into areas like hips, knees, shoulders, ankles, elbows, hands, neck and spine. So, if you are indeed suffering, get rid of your suffering by opting for this treatment using stem cells. You will indeed experience a significant improvement in mobility without pain and this makes a huge difference overall in your life.

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