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So if you haven’t heard, there’s a new fitness craze taking the UK by storm, going by the name of Rolfing.

Rolfing is an exercise that can completely improve your body’s alignment, posture, and capacity for movement through the releasing of accumulated tensions and strains through a 10 session process called ‘the recipe’.

So just what is it, and what are the benefits of it? Well, Rolfing is a deep tissue manipulation technique designed to improve functioning and wellbeing.  It can also be known as ‘Rolfing massage’.  The technique is named after an American biochemist called Dr Ida Rolf who recognised that the body is a web-like system of networks of connective tissues rather than a collection of separate parts.

So what are the benefits of Rolfing you ask? Well carry on reading to find out……

  1. Mobility – Rolfing removes unhealthy pattern in the body’s fascial network which can assist in increasing the range of motion, and helps movement become smoother and more graceful.
  2. Breathing – Rolfing promotes the ability to free your breathing. Rolfing focuses on enhancing thoracic mobility, to allow each breath to spread evenly through the body.  In some cases, a single session of Rolfing can bring considerable relief to the ribcage.
  3. Alleviate Pain – Rolfing helps to relieve the strain and discomfort felt in the body that results from tensional imbalances and movement impairments.
  4. A Positive Mind – Rolfing is designed to give you an increased feeling of stability and support through the ground, which in turn provides you with an enhanced sense of security and centeredness. People that take up Rolfing report that they have more energy in general, have better balance, and have more self-assurance and an ability to display their inner selves more confidently.

There were 5 main benefits of taking up Rolfing, but of course there are many more that you can find out for yourself by either taking part in a class, or by researching in your own time online.  It’s a relatively new craze, but there are many people who are reporting health benefits, so maybe it is time for you to jump on the bandwagon so you don’t miss out any more!

A personal recommendation from me for if you are looking for further information on the subject is for you to take a look here – where you will find a wealth of information and advice to help you become better informed.  If you live in London, you can even book a class here to try it out.

Any questions or queried you have, please feel free to use the contact options on the webpage provided, as the host is more than happy to discuss through them with you.

All that’s left to say from me is enjoy your Rolfing, and create a better, healthier you starting from now!

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