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Over the Counter gains without prescriptions

In the world of athletics and bodybuilding, physique and physical performance is always important. Results can be acquired through intense training and routine, however there are a few individuals who prefer the faster route and look for assistance, this assistance is found in anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids offer the athletes and bodybuilders a more rapid way to get enhanced results; it’s basically taking a shortcut. Although still somewhat considered to be taboo, there are a lot of individuals using anabolic steroids.

Of course there are way to obtain anabolic steroids, but it usually all comes down to the law since there are countries that ban the use of anabolic steroids and therefore illegal to possess and use without a prescription. There has been a long standing debate of prescription versus OTC steroids wherein which is better. Actually though, there is no difference between the two since due to the laws, there aren’t any pharmacies or shops that sell steroids over the counter or even under the table.

What’s the difference between prescription and OTC steroids?

Basically there’s nothing different between the two since it all comes down to country laws. Prescription steroids and OTC steroids are actually one and the same since one cannot actually acquire OTC steroids without needing a prescription. The closest one can get is by looking for alternative supplements that are being offered in the market.

Unlike anabolic steroids, alternative supplements don’t fall under the same category which means that whatever laws that govern the usage and purchase of anabolic steroids, alternative supplements aren’t counted and considered as illegal or controlled substances which make them easier to acquire or purchase.

Little to no effects

There are actually still some over the counter steroids that can be bought; they are usually the ones that have been approved for medical use since they are quite beneficial. Although if you plan on using these drugs for bodybuilding, athletics or overall physical enhancement, you might just be disappointed since these over the counter “steroids” don’t really contain that much anabolic steroid in them, rendering them quite insignificant for performance enhancement.

Why not try over the counter alternatives?

Since the only over the counter anabolic steroids that can be purchased are used for medical purposes and have lower doses when used for bodybuilding, why not give the steroid alternatives a try. These supplements were designed to mimic the effects of anabolic steroids but of course, do not have any health risks attached to them.

Steroid alternatives are quite effective, though the effects aren’t quite as fast and more significant compared to anabolic steroids themselves. Another thing to remember about over the counter alternatives is that these aren’t considered illegal therefore they are far more easy to acquire.

As for the difference between prescription and OTC steroids, there are none, except for if the person that’s going to purchase the steroids has a prescription for it. There are however alternative supplements that offer similar results to that of anabolic steroids which are far safer to take in the long run.

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