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Orthopedics Surgery and Hospitals in India

Muscle and the skeletal system and Aging

Aging affects our body is many possible ways. Aging invites different sort of problems in human body. One of the most important characteristics that is very much visible with age in the decrease the dynamicity of the human body. This decrease is very much natural and it also might cause different problems or diseases to the particular individual. It is often seen that people with old age are suffering with arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, rheumatic problems and many other. And with age these problems gets intensified more and more. Aging also invites a vast range of other problems that are very much potent to weaken the body. This is primarily because with aging all the organs of the body starts degenerating and their functional capabilities also becomes low, thus affecting the body in a total extent. Orthopedics are those whose treatments are primarily associated with the musculoskeletal system. Doctors opt for surgery as well as treating the disease with the help of medications also.

Common Problems

Orthopedic surgery mainly focusses on the treatment of the injuries and many other different sort of conditions that affects the musculoskeletal system. This musculoskeletal system consists of joints, bones, ligaments (connective portion with the bones), tendons (connecting bones and the muscles together), muscles (it is the primary entity that helps in the movement of the bones and muscles) and various other soft tissues. The majority of the surgeries done by the orthopedic surgeons are mainly done on the knee, shoulder, hip, wrist, elbow, ankle and spine. The most go to orthopedic surgical procedures done by the doctors are as follows:

  • Arthroscopy- used to treat the problems that are occurring inside the joint. Here an instrument called arthroscope is used.
  • Soft tissue restore– used for torn ligaments as well as damaged tendons.
  • Joint replacement– incorporated in case of total damage of the joint which gets replaced. This process is called as prosthesis.
  • Revision-joint surgery- if an implant is used by this method the preexisted implant is replaced with a new implant.
  • Bone fracture repairing- this can happen with the help of internal fixation or it can be performed with pieces of broken bone which are repositioned and attached with the help of screws, pins and metal plates.
  • Debridement– sometimes due to damage bones becomes very soft. This process deals with the removal of these bones.
  • To fuse bones– to fuse bones with grafts for better stability.
  • Spine fusion– this method is used to fuse or join the vertebrae or the spinal cord bones together.
  • Osteotomy– is mainly used for the correction of deformities found in the bone.

Mode of Treatment

Expert orthopedic doctors are present in India with a vast knowledge and expertise that helps in the proper treatment of the patients. Normally they prefer medications to cure the disease as surgery can be very helpful however it comes with a lot of risks, and those risks increases with aging.


Best orthopedic Hospitals in India are present all throughout the country with all the expert doctors and advance equipment’s.

Traditional Methods

Yoga, regular exercise and healthy food can keep these problems at bay.

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