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New Jacksonville Dental Technology

New Jacksonville Dental Technology

Technology in medicine has evolved faster from 90’s and we now have some machines we could just dream of. Many deadly diseases are now curable and many operations can be done with certain technology. Dental tech has also evolved but slower than medicine. It just depends on how much effort has been put in a certain branch of medicine.

High tech isn’t available all around the world because the gear is too expensive for some places. There ismuch information you can find online about Jacksonville dental care if you think you have a dental problem. We all want to be operated with the latest technology, but sometimes we need to go to a different town because there it will be accessible.

X-Ray Digital Machines

Digital X-ray machine is new technology that is used instead of radiogram that performed dental x-rays. You can compare it like a level up from standard camera to digital camera, digital X-rays are easier download to a computer and to process unlike X-rays they used before. The most important thing, the radiation dosage received from a digital X-ray is much lower than one from a radiogram.

The greater safety and ease of taking X-rays also applies for checking dental implants, the status of a patient’s jaw, and different important factors that can’t be seen by just looking into the mouth. Great dental care includes not only the ability to diagnose problems in time, easily, and with less danger or discomfort for the patient, but also more effective options and treatments.

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Gum procedures

Gums are very important to great dental health. If gums don’t cover the teeth fully, there is a danger of forming pockets which can expose the tooth to bacteria from new areas, raising the possibility of other dental difficulties. In the past, losing gums typically meant you won’t have the possibility to fix it from diseases which changed a lot from that time.

To reverse gum damage you now have several ways and any injury to pieces of the teeth that gums would cover. Back in the day, the only way to restore gum was surgery to make smaller pockets, and now all kinds of choices exist, from installing membranes to bone and tissue grafts. There are also specific proteins that incite the regrowth of inner tooth tissue and gum.


A very powerful laser that is also safe is a new way of dental care called no-drill dentistry. It implies that there is little to no pain and so small need for anesthesia. Taking anesthesia means you need more time to make the procedure, so by using this method you also save time. Sometimes it means you can have multiple procedures at the same visit. It isn’t new that dentist use this laser to make everyday diagnostics with something named DIAGNOdentpen.

Getting trained to use this technology and also buying it is the main problem dentists have to face because it is very expensive. This also means that the procedures will be more expensive, so it won’t be accessible to everyone. So, if you want a pain-free visit, you will have to spend more money.


We all want to have the perfect shape and look of our teeth like someone on the TV. A slim shell that was specially made for the patient has been made to cover the front of an unappealing, damaged or otherwise crooked tooth. The one problem with veneers before was the part where the tooth has to be reshaped so the room will be made for veneers.

The materials that veneers are now made of are improved, so it is stronger and thinner. This gives the teeth more natural look because less of the teeth are reshaped and there is less chance of complications.

Anesthesia without needles

Many people hate needles, which is pretty much understandable, but in many cases, dentists have to use them for anesthesia. Today, there are new ways of getting anesthesia without any needless. There is a gel which is applied to the point where procedure should be done, and with electric current, the gel gets absorbed by the skin which leads to anesthesia effect.

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