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Must-need Practical tips to stay in a sober living house

Whenever you need a support or someone to hang with, you can reach out sober team at any time no matter where you are

Staying in sober means staying active, focused and engaged. Those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol must need a safe supportive environment to be healed in a smart way. If you are new to sober living homes, you may need some important tips for staying sober. Whether you are a newbie or looking for the essential tips that make you feel better and comfortable in a sober house, you need some practical tips that make your sober life fun, active and challenging.

  • Be Active: Being active not just requires practicing yoga, meditation, exercise etc. you need to be focused and stay comfortable so that the recovery process will be fulfilled.

  • Find peace: it is not necessary to stay in the sober always. Well, you can get for a while, find a nice place that gives you peace of mind. Take a deep breath, Stop over thinking and connect with nature. Say a prayer or positive affirmations, which can reach universe or higher self.

  • Fitness class: To enhance your mental health and to stay fit & health, you should attend fitness class every single day. Just try listening to music that calms your soul. Try different tunes, melody music and stay relaxed.

  • Read something: Reading a book is the best method that gets you isolated from unwanted people. It does not just increase your knowledge but also offers entertainment.  As you are staying in a sober living home, it is not necessary to read a book about recovery. You can try reading a book about the spiritual world, fantasy, wildlife and lots more.


  • Feel free: Although you are in the recovery process, you have to be quick to take up the new challenges and feel free as well. Many experienced professionals out there can care you and give you real-life tips to go ahead in your life.


  • Mental health: sober living is not just for addiction recovery, but it also helps to enhance the mental health.Generally, some high-end sober living houses conduct meetings, counseling to activate their good mental health. Check your physical health regularly. It is necessary that you take medications and therapy as prescribed. If you are sick or feel uncomfortable, your recovery process takes time. Hence, you should approach the sober team and let them know your health situations.

  • Phone a friend: connecting with others can reduce stress, anxiety to some extent. Those who are feeling alone can call a friend or family member to pass the time in a smart way. If you feeling down or something out there that let you down, just call a friend for immediate relief, support, love, and connection.

  • Hang with animals:It is ok to be bored with social media and chat with your regular friends. For a change, you can try connecting with animals, the pet like dog, cat, fish and everything you love. Pets can make love & connection with others wholeheartedly. So, take a walk with your cute dog, feed the fishes and take care of them.

  • Volunteering: you probably heard the amazing law of attraction quote ‘what you give is what you get’. Things in your mind & heart are what reflects outside. Your time and heart are valuable to others. So, go out, volunteer and work with those who are in the addiction recovery stage. Try to work with others who are in need & support.

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