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Market Availability of Anabolic booster steroids

Even though pharmaceutical companies have stopped the active production of this anabolic steroid, underground labs continue to provide this steroid because of its high popularity and heavy demand for muscle mass building and performance enhancement. Though many believe that it should only be used by men due to its severe side effects, many women also use this anabolic steroid. So the question arises why is this anabolic steroid so popular? This is mainly due to the following important factors: being an oral steroid it is very appealing to inexperienced steroid users who would usually prefer to avoid injectable compounds; due to its low manufacturing cost it is very cheap compared to other steroids and which is most important that it is very effective for short term muscle build up and gaining strength.


Various side effects

There are some dangerous side effects for both men and women, if the proper cycle is not followed and the steroid is not taken in proper dosage. There are short term as well as long term side effects involved with consumption of this steroid Adverse side effects include conversion to estradiol, suppression of natural testosterone production, liver failure, loss of hair and increase in blood pressure levels. If there is any adverse effect on the health you should immediately stop taking this steroid and consult a doctor. Then after getting back to proper health if you wish to continue the cycle you should either decrease the dosage or increase the cycle length. For bodybuilders, if there is any adverse effect then they can choose to avoid taking this steroid as a number of other steroids are available in the market. The four most common side effects include:

  • Bloating (otherwise known as water retention)
  • Increase in blood pressure levels
  • Gynecomastia (commonly known as male breast enlargement)
  • Inefficient cholesterol levels

In general, however, use of this steroid is favorably experienced.

Benefits of this steroid

When professional bodybuilders decide to consume steroids they have certain goals to achieve, like gaining muscle mass, increasing muscle strength, decreasing unwanted fat and toning up the muscle. The main reason for the popularity and high demand for this steroid is that it fulfills all the requirements of the user to the best possible extent. When professional bodybuilders and athletes do a great deal of hard work it prevents the body from undergoing catabolic stress and thereby helps the user to perform better and enable faster muscle recovery after their strenuous training regime. It is said to be most effective in times of mental and physical strain, even without regular workout, to retain proper calories in the body.

Certain recommendations

The dosage range of this steroid varies from user to user, but the most common use is 20-50mg/day. Professional and experienced users generally try to gain a bit more by going beyond this milligram amount.There are some dangerous side effects on its usage, so my suggestion to the users of this steroid is to know the pros and cons of it and consult a professional before trying to avail the benefits of this steroid.

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