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Make Your Own E Liquid in 5 Steps

E-cigs or electronic cigarettes have gained great demand among smokers who want to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Several people believe that E cigs are better substitute of traditional cigarettes. With the increase in demand for E-cigs, another product has emerged – E liquid. It is available in variety of flavours with/without nicotine. It is a new type of product which like any other product requires packaging and labels. If you want to showcase a brand or want to highlight a vapour product’s unique flavour, then you can opt for custom e-liquid labels.

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It has been observed that several smokers have started vaping E-cigs which is increasingly turning into personalized experience for many out there. Several communities have mushroomed all over the web and several people enjoy experimenting with their own desired concepts of e juice. If you are thinking to try your hands on making your own brand of the best e liquid or e juice, then below are some of the important things which you will require. In case, if you fail to do so, then you need not worry as you can buy e-cig juice online.

For amateurs, you will require following list of ingredients to prepare e liquid:

  1. Food-grade propylene glycol is an allergen and you should check whether your body tolerates this type of ingredient or not. It is a flavourless and odourless liquid.
  2. Food-grade vegetable glycerine. At the time of buying this ingredient, it is very essential to make sure that you buy glycerine which is made of vegetable fat, as it best suitable for smoking electronic cigarettes. It is colourless liquid but has sweet flavour which can sometimes overpower other flavours which you would like to add to your e juice.
  3. Distilled water which would be required to dissolve 100 percent glycerine concentrate.
  4. Any flavour of your choice. The end-product should contain about 10 to 20% depending on how strong the initial concentrate is. It is very essential to take a note of the fact that some of the strong flavours out there require as little as 5%.
  5. Fluid nicotine which you will be required to purchase online. For first batch, you will approximately require about 5%.

While this was about ingredients, regarding tools you will require small bottles, blunt needles and syringes. This is exactly where slightly more complicated part of the e-liquid making process begins as at this stage you need to calculate exact formula of e-fluid. This calculation can either be done manually or with help of online calculator i.e. available for free of charge.

As you will be operating with small and precise quantity, you will have to make use of syringes or pipettes as they are best suitable to work with small quantity. You would be then multiplying the quantity of liquid and then have to add it with multiplied quantity of liquid two, divided by the added masses of liquid. After this, depending on the result you can then adjust quantity in order to operate them in an easy manner.

One last advice while making e juice in your desired way is don’t forget to write down your final e-liquid recipe. Thus, this way you can also provide the recipe to others who want to try out making e juice at home.

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