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Know the responsibilities and working environment of Navy SEALS

          Before starting the Navy Seal Workout candidates should know little information about Navy Seals and their responsibilities, because this information will be very helpful for those who are willing to become a navy seal.  Initially they should know that it is most challenging jobs. Their duties and responsibilities may include,

  • Their most important duty is that they should conduct insertions and extractions by Sea, Air and Land (SEAL) accomplish covert, operation missions and special warfare
  • Then they should capture high-value terrorists all over the world
  • They should collect information and intelligence through reconnaissance missions and should carry out direct action missions and small unit missions against military targets

          There is no need of a college degree to become a Seal, but they should have good mental and physical fortitude that only few possess. Here they will be facing immense challenges and will be given constant training to earn success in their field and also they will be given a chance for leadership aspirations and officer role.

Working environment of Navy SEALS

          Their environment is totally based on teamwork and adaptability.   They will give training in all kinds of environments which includes rural areas, mountains, urban areas, desert, woodlands, and arctic conditions and even in the jungles.  They have to operate knit Seal units which include task units like 32 men, for platoons, 16 men, for platoons, 8 men for squads, 4 men for teams and 2 men for swim buddy.  This training process will prepare them for the extreme mental and physical challenges of Seal missions.  Their preparation may consist of more than twelve months of  initial training, basic underwater demolition, parachute jump school, seal buds school and SQT (SEAL QUALIFICATION TRAINING), followed by 18 months of pre deployment training and intensive specialized training.  If they are well trained they can gain incredible physical shape and also a high range of determination, confidence and team work to achieve success in a combat circumstance.

How to become A SEAL?

          Here are a few stages that every candidate should come across to become a seal


          First, they should choose their seal rating



          This stage can be called as a training stage where they involve Navy Seal Workout, here are few information regarding this training stage:

  • Seal preparation course – 8 weeks, this gives them an intro about BUD/S techniques and performances, beginning and ending with PST (PHYSICAL SCREENING TEST)
  • BUD/S orientation, course – 3 weeks, this introduces the people who have passed the Seal Preparation Course to the training facilities, training programs and instructors
  •  Phase I, physical conditioning – 7 weeks, which includes physical conditioning, they can study hydrographic surveys and charts and small boat seamanship
  • Phase II, combat diving – 7 weeks, here they can learn closed and open circuit combat diving and also learn long distance underwater transit dives, medical skill training and basic dive medicine
  • Phase III, land warfare – 7 weeks, which includes rappelling, military land and underwater explosives, weapon training, land navigation and small unit tactics
  • Parachute jump school – 3 weeks
  • Seal Qualification Training 26 weeks
  • Opportunities for advanced training – graduation and navel special warfare Seal Classification.


          This stage can be called as Advance training and placement stage those who completed this stage within training period of six months will be moved on to the next stage.

  • Advanced medical training course – 6 months – SEAL Medic
  • Individual specialty training course – 6 months
  • Unit level training – 6 months
  • Task group level training – 6 months


          This stage can be called as deployment and combat operations stage.  Mostly, deployment stage will last for six to eight months.

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