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Importance of Bonavar

It is considered as an anabolic androgenic steroid. In short it is also termed as Oxandrolone. It is inculcated with a molecular formula as C19 H30O3. It is essentially produced by underground labs.It is defined with a number of popular names that are currently known in this competitive market. It includes Oxandrin, anavar, protivar, lonavar etc. But now it is producing Bonavar 2.5mg tablets in the current market that occupies a huge demand.

It is initially manufactured in Thailand. Bonavar is somehow equal to anavar.Anavar is a kind of supplements is helpful for creating ATP. It provides more levels of energy in the process of cyclic pattern most probably used by body builders, athletes and sportspersons. Generally this supplement is used by women in order to gain more muscle strengths compared to men.

Side effects:  Actually in a positive sense, some of the side effects are gradually comes into notice when the steroids intake is in high levels. Like some of the common side effects that include mild headache, liver damage, struggle in breast feeding etc. If the intake of this steroid is more, then they cause more harmful side effects too. Consider below some of the harmful side effects are;

  • It increases cholesterol levels and results in heart stroke or heart attack. So it affects cardiovascular health.
  • Its impact will be more on focusing blood sugar levels. It leads to harmful effect on liver damage. It causes bad impact on the activities of brain.

Where to buy this steroid

It is generally manufactured as a sale in underground labs. Especially in online by producing Bonavar 2.5mg tablets has a hike in its demand today. It is almost available in all the online websites throughout the worldwide at reasonable prices only. In fact always be cautious with this bonavar tablets that if you encounter any negative effects to your body, you are recommended to stop the dosage immediately with no issue.

Results:It increases muscle strengths development. Itensures RBC levels production like redblood cells. Subsequently it increases nitrogen levels and improves muscle gains. It is advised to use this steroid intake at a low dosage stack limits only to check how the body reacts.

Bonavar Dosage: The dosage is recommended according to their body metabolism levels only. Like in medical scenario, per day the dosage amounts to 2.5 to 20 mg especially for adults for a period of 4 weeks and over dosage is not advised here. In case of body builders, they are advised to use from 15 to 25 mg per day for a span of 8 weeks.

Caution: The Over dosage of this steroid leads to severe side effects due to the presence of its anabolic nature.

Bonavar Side Effects:The usage of this steroid is recommended to avoid in some of the essential scenarios like during pregnancy, breast feeding, cancer related issues, any liver problems liver tumors for example etc. in case of men the side effects include acne, gynecomastia, increased levels of testosterone that are suppressed, facing unusual female like sexual characteristics, deep voice etc. in women side effects include unwanted hair, menstrual problems, menopause state and so on etc.

Hence these steroid usages are quite beneficial to body builders and all the individuals who prefer it to buildup muscle strengths and all.Hence this steroid is quite beneficial unless and until the dosage does not exceed its prescribed limits only.

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