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How to Give Yourself a Perfect Facial Massage?

Your face is a display which depicts what you feel, it says it all. 90% of the people on earth get attracted by the face, so it is very important to keep your face perfectly fine. The most exposed part of your body is face and it gets polluted by dust, because of which you should have your face massaged for every short span of time to keep it fresh and alive. Facial massage is a best skin regime. People usually get confused with facial massage and facial, but these two are completely different things.

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Before going for a facial massage know the facts that your face has 300 pressure points. The process of facial massage will stimulate the muscle and lymphatic systems and every muscle of your body responds to the facial massage. It restores the glow and removes tiredness from your face.

A simple method for facial massage at home is discussed for the people who are trying it for the first time.

Face Brightening Massage: To brighten or glow your face, here is the perfect massage trick:

Process: Wash your face before massage with a non soap gentle face wash. Then pat dry your skin. Apply a layer of face oil to move your finger smoothly on your skin. Depending on the skin type choose the face-oil like almond oil for dry skin, castor or jojoba oil for medium to oily skin type. Start massaging your lymph area with finger tips, since toxin drain from skin to lymph nodes. Massage lightly in circular direction and use wide circles circulation method. From lymph area, proceed to the sides of the face and then forehead in the same circular motion. Finish the skin brightening massage from under eyes to cover the whole area of face.

Stress Removal Massage:  To remove the whole day stress from your face, follow these tips:

Process: After applying a thin film of face oil, start massaging the area under ears and along the jaw, since stress is built up much in this area. Then massage the sides of your face following the forehead and temple, and then your aye area with circular motion. Finish your stress removal massage by covering the discussed areas once more and do not forget to massage your nose. The finger tips should be according in the circular motion making an 8 on your face.

Lifting your face massage: To give your face a firm look, follow the process below.

Process: Everything is same as the above process, but the area which is to be massaged is changed. Start massaging from corner of your mouth, then proceed to cheek area. After cheek massage is done, go for eye area massage following your forehead and then your frown line should be massaged. Finish the massage by covering each and every area once more. The fingers movements should be upright while on face and on forehead it must be downwards.

Now with these tips, getting your facial massage by yourself will become easy.

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