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How to Choose the Perfect Foot Callus Remover

If you are searching for instructions on how to find the perfect foot callus remover for you, then you already must know that a callus is a very dry and sometimes thick area of the foot. Constant friction and pressure on a certain part of the foot causes a callus to form. Calluses are relatively harmless, but they are very unattractive and annoying. Also, they tend to get painful sometimes.

There are different types of callus removers available on the market, and their price also varies. We will help you choose the perfect foot callus remover for you.

There are many natural ways and home remedies which can help you remove your calluses. These methods are also the cheapest. Mostly, they consist of mixing a couple of products and soaking your feet in the mixture. These products will soften the callus and then you can slowly, but easily remove it. Here are some examples for natural callus removal methods.


After soaking your feet in apple cider vinegar and castor oil, your calluses will be soft enough for you to remove them with a pumice stone. You can also mix baking soda and warm water. Another great natural callus remover method is slicing a lemon and taping it on the callus with a bandage. You can leave the lemon overnight. The same goes for white onion and apple cider vinegar.

Another cheap method would be foot files and pumice stones. These products are relatively cheap. Before using them, you should soften the callus by soaking it in warm water. Then you can simply remove it by using a foot file or a pumice stone.

A callus rasp is also another cheap, but efficient callus removal method. Generally, callus rasps are used for big and extremely thick calluses. A callus rasp contains small blades which cut the callus. You should avoid using callus rasps on small calluses and areas with delicate skin.

Medium priced products are various callus removal lotions. You can find them in stores, pharmacies and even online. They can be used on all types of calluses. You simply soak your feet for a couple of minutes (in warm water), and then apply the lotion. Then, you wait for the lotion to do its magic.

The most expensive callus removal products are electronic foot files and electronic callus removers. These products are very simple to use, and they do all the work for you. The reason for their higher price is the fact that they are more complex than the previously mentioned products.

Choosing the perfect callus remover can be tricky. You should consider two facts: your budget and the size and thickness of your callus. But, mostly all of the products are suitable for every callus type (except for callus rasp). Some products may take longer time to work, while others will help you remove your calluses instantly; such as electronic callus removers. But, whichever callus remover you choose, you won’t be making a mistake.

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