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How can the existing strategies minimize the overdose of certain steroids?

The management of abusive incidents receives particular attention from the government of individual nations. These imbalances are in the form of various discriminations that exists in the society and contributes significantly to the failing health standard in society.  There has been an adoption of several traditional and novel ways by agencies that are involved in protecting individual rights. Also, the working code of ethics are the guidelines that are followed by an organization, and these practices include verbal and nonverbal communication, anti oppressive practices, application of information and communication technology and identification of individuals with disabilities in properly consuming these bodybuilding drugs.

The existing strategies to counter the instances of overdose

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is playing a crucial role in providing awareness to children by educating them. Their education mainly focuses on abuses through online presentations and safer internet programs. The role of verbal and nonverbal communication is to safeguard children above 12 years of age by making them aware of various types of communication skills. In addition to that, the use of ICT plays a significant role in educating the various children about the harmful effects of violence in properly consuming these bodybuilding drugs. Moreover, the use of ICT plays a significant role in ensuring training facilities to abused children that are beneficial for these kids as they can counter the effect of abuse and violence. Further, ICT plays a crucial role in enabling information sharing among various training centers in how to effectively combat the influence of violence.

The existing framework of communication

Victims of abuse are communicated to educate them about their fundamental rights related to abusive behaviors. The primary objective of a practice of anti-discriminatory acts and anti repressive policies by legislative bodies is to teach children and vulnerable groups. The health care agencies play pivotal roles to identify potential risks for an individual.  Various individuals within the society are classified as vulnerable. They mainly include the younger and the older people. In addition to that the Care Act identifies adult safeguarding as protecting the adult’s right to live in a society that is free from violence and discrimination. Moreover, it is important for all the social care workers to identify the different reasons that are responsible for the sad state of various individuals. Various principles underline the safeguarding of different individuals in the society. The first and foremost is empowering the various people who are vulnerable to abuse and harm. In this process, the older people and the young adults who are vulnerable are encouraged to make their own decisions. They are susceptible as in most of the times they are unable to satisfy their needs. In addition to that prevention makes a vulnerable individual undertake action before the harm occurs. Moreover, it is necessary for the various care workers to protect the vulnerable people in the society. Further, working in partnership greatly helps an individual in ensuring security for their purposes.

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