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Get Out of The Car – Make Your Next Vacation an Active One

If you long for a chance to recharge your batteries and recover your physical health and well-being, a stay at one of the RIU Hotel or Resort cycling destinations may be just what you are seeking.  RIU currently offers fabulous vacation stays at some of the worlds noted cycling destinations; they include famous cycling trails in Mallorca, Algavere (Portugal), Gran Canaria (Spain), Miami Beach, FL, and Berlin.  And you can take advantage of a Groupon that can provide you with special deals for stays there, or at RIU resorts in places like Cancun or Montego Bay as well.

This is a way you can use a vacation trip to help get exercise to keep in shape.  It is more than laying on a beach, relaxing in a hotel bar or riding a tourist bus.  Such a vacation includes biking through scenic areas, touring famous paths, and peddling through the centers and markets of historic communities.  Indeed, bicycling can be a preferred way to tour since you can stop at sites of interest at your own leisure for however long you like.  And you don’t have to cope with set time schedules and pre-recorded programs.  You can converse with the locals, view places you are interested in (rather than designated “places of interest”), and travel at your own pace.  A bike vacation is also a way to see sites you might never see when seated in a tour bus or behind the wheel of a rental vehicle.  It gives you a chance to get a feel for the area while getting quality exercise at the same time.

About that exercise!  RIU has designated several locales of particular interest to bikers.  They also have places offer plenty of activities beyond just the traditional swimming pool and exercise room.  Other RIU sites provide opportunities for active golf, surfing or windsurfing vacations.  Check out their website to find the location that best suits your desires.  You can use a Groupon to get reduced rates for various stays at RIU locations.  So if you are currently planning for that upcoming vacation or spring break take a moment to find the RIU hotel and resort that offers the activities and atmosphere you desire, then put your plans in gear.  Use a Groupon to make your reservations now at reduced rates before the busy vacation season begins.  And happy travelling!

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