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Four Ways to Help Reduce Pain and Stress in Your Life

Everyone suffers from stress at some point in life. You get laid off from work and wonder how you are going to pay the bills. You have a fender bender when you’re in a hurry and know it was your fault.

With all the things that can happen each day, stress is a given. If you are suffering from chronic pain you probably suffer from daily stress as well as your pain. There are some great things you can do that will help with both stress and pain, and allow you to at least find some peace and relaxation in your life.

Meditation And Prayer

Meditation is not just a great way to clear your mind and relax, but people have also been using this time inside their own heads to ease pain. If you’ve ever seen the trick where someone puts a needle through their skin and don’t feel it, you have witnessed the power of meditation. A meditative state is the best form of stress relief, and pain relief.


Prayer works much the same as meditation. Statistics have actually shown that people that attend church or have some sort of religion are at less risk for certain ailments, and spend less time in the hospital. In fact, those that are hospitalized and are not church attendees tend to spend three more days on average in the hospital.


Smells affect the part of the brain that deal with mood and memory, which is why some smells remind you of your childhood. It is also why aromatherapy has been used to help people fight headaches, nausea and other ailments.

Need to lift your spirits? Peppermint is great for uplifting and even relaxing. For pain relief, of headaches especially, lavender is a great option in scents.


Massage is one of those alternative therapies that can actually do something good for everyone. Not only does it help you relax and beat stress. It also helps people that do a lot of physical activities, like sports minded people, stay more active and avoid, or recover from, sprains and strains faster.

Massage has also been helping people with chronic pains, especially headaches. People with chronic pain should have a standing appointment with their massage therapist.


If you want to get more flexible and avoid more injuries, start practicing yoga. It can help you lose weight, get more balance, and fight the pain of arthritis in any points of the body. Even if you can’t do some of the moves, doing what you can at your own pace is still helpful.

Yoga is also very similar to meditation, although you are doing poses that you focus on, rather than just clearing your mind. Yoga is very relaxing and it can be fun to do.

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