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Five Ways To Drink More Water Every Day

Here’s one of the simplest (and most effective!) health tips you’ll ever get. It’s good for your skin, good for your body, and can even help you lose weight! What could it be? Well, it’s water!

Most people don’t drink enough water on a daily basis, and dehydration can make you sleepy, irritable, and confused.

Physicians recommend you drink as much as eight glasses of water per day. That seems like a lot, doesn’t it? Here are five strategies that will help you keep sipping throughout the day.

Water At The Ready

The first step to drinking more water is to be sure you have water available. Some people find it helpful to buy a special water bottle that they can easily carry around. The act of choosing a distinctive bottle could help in reminding you to bring water with you everywhere.


Another easy strategy is to take a few plastic bottles, fill them halfway, and leave them on their sides in the freezer. Before you leave the house, fill it up with cold water – the giant ice cube will stick around all day without blocking you from drinking.

On Your Mark

Try marking the side of your water bottle with times. Let’s say your work day starts at 8 – maybe to meet your water goals, you have to drink half the bottle by 10am. So you would mark the bottle with a piece of masking tape to remind you of your goal.

This is a good strategy for competitive people, or for anyone who likes to see their progress.

Get Set

Before eating a meal, drink a large glass of water. No need to chug it, just finish a big glass about half an hour before you eat.

This is not only good for your digestion, but will also reduce your appetite, making you feel full more quickly. Always drink water during your meal as well! Salty foods will make you thirsty and you will need to drink more water to offset them.

Water On The Go!

If you like to exercise, hydration is especially important!Set timed water breaks so you won’t get dehydrated.

Be sure to sip your water, no matter how thirsty you feel during your workout – chugging cold water could give you stomach cramps when your body temperature is high.

Do The Math

If you are technically minded or want to figure out the most efficient way to hydrate, it may help to figure out exactly how much water you have to consume. Icliniq recommends that you drink one liter of water for every 1000 kilocalories you expend.

Figure out your number and divide it by hours in your average day – that’s how much water you should be consuming per hour.

Thirsty Yet?

Go drink a glass of water right now to get you started! Thirst is among the first signs of dehydration. Even if you’re not thirsty, have one anyway. This is a positive habit to form with practically no negative side effects.


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