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Five Reasons to Look Into Nursing as a Career

If you’ve wanted to start a career in healthcare there are many different choices on what you can be, your decision will mainly depend on how much training you want to go through, how much money you want to make, and how much you want to actually help people.

Some people simply choose to go into wellness services and help people learn to eat better (as a dietician) or maybe go to school to become a fitness professional. Others may want to help people recover in occupational or physical therapy roles.

However, one of the most diverse health field roles out there that can allow you to get hands on and really make a difference in people’s lives is nursing. Plus, if you sign up to be a travel nurse you can also get a chance to see the world.

You Love To Help People

When you are in an interview for a nursing position you can bet that you will be asked why it is that you want to be a nurse. You’ve already made this decision and it is what drove you to go to school in order to become a nurse, so this shouldn’t be a very difficult question to answer.


In fact, this is probably the number one reason people go into nursing, because they care about the health and wellbeing of others. Nurses are often the first and last person a patient sees in the hospital or even the doctor’s examining room. It’s a stressful job, but these people have the drive and compassion to help others.

You Enjoy Working with Others

Not only do you need to have a love of helping others to go into nursing, but you should also work well with others and enjoy it. If you like a rewarding job that takes teamwork then nursing is a great option. You’ll work with other nurses and with doctors to change the health of many.

You Want Flexibility

If you prefer a flexible schedule, nursing also offers that and is a bit more rewarding than being a cashier somewhere that is open 24 hours. If you are a nurse at an office you’ll have less flexibility, but hospital nurses have far more options.

You Have Options

Just as you have the choice to be a nurse in a general practice, a gynecological office, or even a pediatrician’s office, you also have different hospital nurse options when it comes to choosing what type of nurse you want to be. In fact, there are somewhere over 100 different specialities that nurses can go into.

You Want Great Pay and Benefits

Then there is the great pay and benefits. While you may not make as much as a doctor, you will make more than working in fast food. Nursing jobs usually come with some good medical coverage and you will likely get some sort of retirement plan as well.

Aside from those benefit, you also get the benefit of changing someone’s health and making a difference in people’s lives each and every day.

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