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FDA triggers a shot on e-cigarettes regulations – How will the vaping industry take it?

According to recent statistics, it has been seen that the FDA has announced its wish to issue an ANPRM or Advanced Notice of Proposed Rule-making regarding vaping and the different products associated with the vapor industry. This will mark the first time that FDA is expressing its opinion to set some product standards for this kind of products. On the contrary, the AVA or the American Vaping Association, an advocacy group which speaks on the potential advantages and health benefits of vaping devices, has expressed their overt concern on the decision taken by FDA in setting product standards.

What document has been released by FDA?

After reading the initial part of this article, you too might be wondering about what exactly has been released by the FDA. Well, apparently it seems that they are including some comments on the need and use of a packaging which is child-resistant and prominently display the warnings regarding nicotine exposure that are associated with e-cigarette products. There is too much discussion about the steps and reports being released by FDA. It is being said that the FDA doesn’t possess the authority to create any such rules unless a noteworthy regulation which categorized e-cigs are “modified risk tobacco products” is passed. The FDA has taken the remarkable and exceptional move of releasing the ANPRM before the aforementioned regulation has been passed. Presently, the e-cigarettes and vaporizers are unregulated and the risks and advantages of vaping have remained a subject of debate for many years now.

What does the American Vaping Association has to say?

Although the AVA is completely in favor of the usage of packaging which is child-resistant, the head of the AVA, Gregory Conley, expressed his opinion regarding the exposure of nicotine warnings. According to him, if labels regarding warnings are badly exposed, they can certainly send false and negative information about the pitfalls of vaping as against that of smoking tobacco. Conley also added that they wanted to ensure before providing any proposed warning, they wanted to give accurate and appropriate information. He also added that it was beyond his understanding why FDA is inquiring about adding such warnings on vaping products when they themselves didn’t fulfill their duty of displaying warnings on combustible cigarettes prominently. With every passing month, FDA seems to take fewer steps to fight against the combustible cigs which are hundred times more dangerous than the vaping products like electronic cigarettes.

Minnesota, New York, Connecticut, North Dakota, Arkansas, New Mexico, Indiana, Oregon, Tennessee, Nevada, Texas, Virginia and Wyoming are some of those states that have already passed the legislation that required all e-liquids to come with a new kind of child-resistant packaging. You would be rather surprised to know that the language that was used in this legislation was the same that was used in the Federal Poison Prevention Packaging Act.

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