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Eyebrow Surgery – Is it Right for you?

Thin eyebrows are not always the sum of over plucking. According to Dr. Roger Davies, there can be various factors to its cause, like genetically thin brows, a scar, a scratch, a disease. Whatever may be the reason, eyebrow hair restoration can be a quick and secret way to get the eyebrows you secretly envy. And, that’s not all, says Dr. Roger Davies.

If you would like to try out eyebrow hair restoration, there are no such criterions of ideal candidacy to be fulfilled whatsoever. The procedure can take a total of 3-5hours under local anesthesia. The procedure involves taking fine texture hair from the patient’s nape of the neck that is closest to the texture of the eyebrows and finding the best ways to transplant them according with the angles of the eyebrows that best suits with the patient’s brow line. The usual downtime is about 7days that the swelling and bruises to fade off and you can resume with usually walking talking and going out, however, direct sun exposure must be avoided to avoid hyper pigmentation or shocking the raw transplanted follicles. So for the most hassle free and most importantly cost effective result, try and give it the time of 3-4weeks for the swelling to undetectably subside, and the hair follicles to start growth to avoid shock loss, hyper pigmentation and such minor complications of carefree post op time.

Choice of surgeon or hair restoration clinic in London/UK is the most important aspect of the surgery. Board certification for the choice of surgeon is not mandatory and but the point is you should be confident and pushy for thing to work out, since your eyebrows is not someplace you can camouflage under clothes or hats. Shortlist you chosen surgeon on the basis of their past patient history, online medical forums and websites like Real Self are a great way to judge them. Do consider the most reputed surgeon, usually they are all board certified, but it is not the truth that a non-boarded surgeon doesn’t carry the potential talent.

Eyebrow hair transplant cost in London/United Kingdom varies as per regions and clinics of every country, and usually the chosen highest reputed surgeons are also the highest paid. Do not chase or consider a surgeon on the scarce difference of the price. Eyebrow hair transplant cost in London starts from 3,500 from a standard clinic which can go upwards or downwards region wise. A lower cost hair transplant clinic doesn’t mean that it is not standard, different clinics have different strategies of business processing, but usually the best hair transplant clinics and/or surgeons are also the highest paid.

However, as this can be fun, there’s no explanation to exaggerate it that thin eyebrows are too derisory a matter to be an object of self consciousness. Don’t listen to the negative points of views that have to come your way justifying how your eyebrows used to be thick before and they are so thin now. There are always bigger things happening in the world. You can learn more about this Twitter by following Dr Roger Davies a Surgeon in Australia.

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