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Everything You Should Know About Psychic Surgery

Psychic surgery is a form of healing that the Philippines are practicing, with the idea that healer performs a surgery on a conscious patient without anesthesia and instruments. Through techniques, the surgeon is opening the patient’s body with the intention to remove diseased material with bare hands. After the surgery, he will close the wound without leaving a trace of the incision.

The practice gained world recognition in 1960 when FATE magazine created an article that presented paranormal phenomena which were scientifically unexplainable. The idea of bloodless surgery carried appeal among people that I’ve seen it and the most popular magazines named this particular phenomenon ofPsychic Surgery.

After that, the topic became reasonable well-known as the part of paranormal theory in both Europe and America, but it was also outstanding choice among European and American citizens that featured interest in miraculous cures and paranormal phenomena.

You should check out Peter Langhorn psychic surgeon, as the primary example of this particular type of healing and surgery. The idea is that science features limitations, and even though it became widely accepted when doctors are dealing with terminally or chronically ill patients, they cannot do anything.

In that particular point, when biomedical science canno longer offer any hope and treatment, psychic surgery enters the scene. The main idea for most patients is to find a cure, and they will not accept the final declaration that doctors stated, which means that they are not prepared to die.

Since the stories of miraculous cures provided them with some hope and possibility of recovery, they started to act the same way and to travel the world to look for miracles and alternative remedies.

History of Psychic Therapy

Since the very beginning, we can talk about numerous reports that will tell the story of European and American patients that found healers at the end of the world. As time went by, the number of these stories increased, and the idea that foreign patients returned with their own stories that explained miraculous recoveries.

That is the main reason why people from all across the globe decided to go the healers to the Philippines so that they can cure the terminal or chronic problem. In 1966, the interest of this particular topic increased to the point where Harold Sherman wrote a book about healing wonders In Philippines.

By the time we reached ’70, not only people with hope to cure themselves had gone to the Philippines, but other patients too to try this particular treatment for their problems. Some of them even got there before they reached the fatality diagnosis.

Since most people decided to go, tour packages appeared and became a central part of the economy, so numerous travel agencies began to offer trips to psychic healers. At the same time, some prominent figures in this particular world started their lives in America, and that is the moment when things changed completely.

The most significant moment of interest was during ’72 and ’73, where it was estimated that more than 10 thousand foreigners on a monthly basis are visiting the Philippines for this particular reason.

However, by that time, some truths became apparent, and even though some abnormal healings took place among foreigners, it was clear that patients that returned have not cleared the problem, but only delayed treatment.

Most problematic of all was when supporters of paranormal nature caught people that were faking psychic skills, for money of course, and they used tricks to introduce tissue and animal blood as if it was removed from patients.

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Soon afterward, professional healers created their TV shows in both the United States and Great Britain, so that they can imitate similar idea and techniques that psychic surgeons did. For instance, William Nolen stated that he spent investigating for whole 18 months psychic surgery, and he concluded that everything is gullibility and trickery.

After AMA exposed numerous Filipino healers, the number of visiting foreigners that went to the Philippines reduced, and even people that believe them started to become skeptical and to create completely different approach.

The Techniques of Psychic Surgery

The techniques of this particular alternative medicine are ancient, and it started before foreign interest increased. However, it was very different when compared with the show that attracted media attention.

In overall, healers were farmers who only knew how to heal when someone was injured. They would do it to neighbors without payment. When healer performed this particular type of surgery, he would pull a variety of objects from patients from bits of glass, pieces of coconut, rope, tobacco and many more.

These items had some witchcraft perspective, and people believed that they were sick due to witchcraft. These items had symbolic value, and most people identified them with illnesses and represented disease from the patient’s body.

However, foreign interest started after World War II, and we have mentioned above when was the time when it got the hype. However, when you read that article from FATE magazine on bloodless surgery, you will see that Filipino healer appeared to pull tissue and blood from foreign patients.

Healer also stated that his spirit guide provided them this particular ability, and because of the idea that foreigners believed that they were cured, he noted that suggestion is one of the most important aspects of healing.

The main reason why foreigners responded better was due to cultural differences from medical treatments.

Filipinos held beliefs that strange objects in their bodies are the leading causes of illnesses, but foreigners and people from USA, Europe, and Asian countries, believed that there are biomedical reasons for the diseases and that is the main reason why healers took blood and damaged tissues from them.

However, over time, even the Filipino population created biomedical expectation because of foreigners, and due to the industrialization of larger cities, they understood how medicine functions and what type of care they wish to receive.

That is the main reason why foreigners noticed that psychic surgeons pulled the same thing from native patients as with foreign ones. We cannot differentiate and state what is truthful and what is not because medicine is part science and part mystical, especially during the fatal illness, people are ready to try anything to survive.

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