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Enjoying Chocolate on a Diet – Stay Sane While Losing Weight

Do you want to enjoy a meal “stubborn” while not losing weight? I’m sure you all know that some people, whether friends, colleagues or relatives who seem to be able to eat and drink whatever they want and still stay slim! We often will have an expression of phrases like, ‘How do you eat and not gain weight? It’s not fair! “Or” He/she was just lucky and they have a high metabolism! ‘And’ I’m going to be fat forever … I just have a slow metabolism ‘! Get help from to get slim.

The truth is that anyone can enjoy the food they want (including choccy!) And still lose weight! Here’s how. To lose fat while we eat food that we like, we should focus more on HOW WE EAT, rather than what we eat. If you talk to any naturally skinny person with food, you will probably notice how seldom their relationship with food. Probably they do not really think much about it unless they are actually physically hungry and needs to eat something. However, if you talk to people with average overweight, you are likely to find that they are almost constantly thinking and crave food. However, the ironic thing is this. Even if a person is overweight think more about food … as soon as they are actually eating it in spades as fast as they can without thinking about whether what they do or even really tasting food. The reason why a lot of overweight people suffer from it due to “emotional eating”. This is where a person does not eat because they’re really hungry, but because they are trying to satisfy an emotional state (often negative, such as sadness or boredom etc.) to live and eat like a naturally thin person you need to break it off. Let us start eating consciously. Eat chocolate or order for your slim chocolate from today.

Next time you reach for the biscuit tin (or another food source), ask yourself this. I really hungry? Or I was comfort eating because I want to change the way I feel emotionally? If you are truly physically hungry, then go ahead and eat whatever you want. YES … what you want! If not, they try to do anything to change your emotional state. Maybe go for a walk or a jog etc. You will find that this is how a lot of thin people eat. Yes, they are eating chocolate … yes, they are eating chips and yes, they eat cake! However, most of the time they only eat them when they are really hungry. Moreover, they were stopped as soon as they are satisfied, instead of filling up!

So there you have it! Simple is not it? Do not be fooled by the simplicity of it though. It seems so obvious, but most people miss it! People start looking for magic pills for weight loss and try to ultra sophisticated diets, cutting carbs or starving! None of which work in the long run and most of these methods are not healthy. In other words, start listening to your body and trust him. Your body is very smart. He will tell you what to do. If you’re hungry … EAT. Eat what you want and eat slowly. If you feel a bit down and you want to comfort eat, then do not eat and do something else.

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