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Do Sexual Problems Affect your Mental Health?

A healthy sexual life is an important constituent of not only physical but also mental health. Sometimes psychological problems lead to troubles in sexual life, but quite often it happens vice versa, and sexual problems have a considerable impact on mental health. Hence, when you get rid of sexual issues, you may forget about the mental health troubles. There are various pills, which are able to treat sexual problems in men. You may find out more about such preparations at

Why is sex important for your mental health?

Sexual intercourse is one of the most effective ways of expressing our feelings and emotions. During sexual intercourse the production of endorphin (the hormone of happiness) rises, thus making us feel satisfied and relaxed. Lack of sexual discharge doesn’t give people a possibility to feel all spectrum of emotions one experiences during sex. Besides, when a strong sexual desire cannot be satisfied it may cause some mental issues.

Nevertheless, we should differentiate between lack of desire to have sex and lack of possibility to perform sexual intercourse. The first one is less likely to cause any mental health issues as it is a conscious choice of an individual. The latter situation, unlike the first case, may have a negative impact on the emotional state of the person as it is connected with sexual dysfunction.

What mental problems may arise together with sexual inability?

Among the most frequently met sexual malfunctions in men are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Both problems may impose a serious psychological trauma on males. Inability to perform well in bed may cause

  • Lack of self-confidence. A man experiencing ED may start avoiding relationships and limit his contacts with potential sexual partners as he is afraid to fail in bed. As a result, it may only aggravate the problem thus leading to self-isolation and depression.
  • Feeling of guilt. This problem may develop in men, who suffer from premature ejaculation. They think that they cannot satisfy their sexual partner and consider themselves guilty in such a situation.
  • Fear and anxiety. The fear of being judged by the sexual partner who may become a witness of your fiasco in bed can provoke considerable mental health problems.
  • Men who stay alone with the problem of erectile dysfunction are more likely to develop psychological troubles than those who feel the support of the partner.

How can one fight these problems?

The choice of drugs to treat erectile dysfunction gives any man the possibility to find the preparation, which fits his needs best of all. You should consult your health care provider to choose the best medication in your particular case. Correct treatment may help you forget about the problems with erection and let you feel the pleasure of sexual relations again.

Unfortunately, the process of regaining confidence and getting out of depression cannot be so simple. People having mental health issues need support. It is especially important if the troubles are caused by sexual dysfunction. In such cases the support of a partner or a spouse is crucial as these people may help you to cope not only with the physical constituent of the problem but also with its mental part.

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