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Common Signs You Need an Eye Specialist

As human beings age, their eyesight, muscle function, and joints begin to deteriorate, so it is in their best interest to receive annual examinations from a trained professionals. However, at least a third of adults ignore the need for an annual eye exam, because they simply forget or believe the procedure is unnecessary. Many individuals do not understand that eye specialists look for more than weakening vision. In fact, the professionals address numerous other issues and may save your eyesight.

If you skip your annual examination for any reason, you risk the health of your eyes and the rest of your body by extension. Chronic eye issues may affect a person at any point in their life, and leaving them untreated can result in serious outcomes. For this reason alone, you must know how to recognise the signs of trouble between each eye examination.

During your examination, your doctor first checks your vision to determine your need, or lack of need, for glasses. In addition, he or she dilates your eyes to find the existence of various problems. Furthermore, the professional searches for conditions such as glaucoma during your eye exam, so you can save your sight by booking an appointment.


If you have a throbbing headache at the end of the day, the symptom often indicates a problem with your eyes. You should book an appointment for eye specialist in Singapore if you experience constant headaches that vary from one day to the next, especially if the headaches escalate into migraines. A routine eye examination may discover a variety of problems that are the cause of your pain.

In a few cases, a job that requires you to work long hours at a computer can cause the problem or you can be suffering due to poor light conditions at your workplace. Adjusting the conditions of your daily life can reduce your headaches, or you may need a treatment from your eye specialist to fix the issue. Regardless of the cause, you should hire a professional to help you discover and treat the problem, so you can find relief.


One common infection of the eye is called “pink eye,” and you can contract either the viral or bacterial type. Furthermore, this condition affects one or both eyes. While viral infections can only be treated according to the associated symptoms, a bacterial infection can be successfully treated with antibiotics if you take the pills as prescribed. Symptoms of an eye infection include redness, itching or eye irritation, rash, and green or yellow discharge from the eye.

You are more likely to experience the discharge as you sleep. Therefore, you will probably wake up with an eye glued shut by the substance. If you allow the infection to continue without treatment, you can sustain damage to your eye and lose some or all of your sight. Only a professional can determine the severity of the infection and help you get the treatment you need to find relief.


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