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Breast Augmentation by Fat Grafting Procedure

Fat grafting procedure has been an extremely popular tool or technique in medical science for effective breast augmentation and reconstruction process. As per medical bulletin, this has gained significant popularity in last 8-10 years all over the world. There are a number of techniques followed by specialist dermatologist surgeons to harvest the needed fat, processing it and for re-injecting it into the area of breast. Most importantly, since the entire surgery of fat transplantation is made by autologous method (out of your own body fat) the process has been proved safe, fully protected and non-infective.

In this process, the required fat tissue is extracted out of other body parts such as thighs, buttocks or belly. The procedure for grafting fat is done through liposuction method. Subsequently, the tissue or fat mass is processed, formed as per requirement and further injected into the part of breast for its reformation.

Living in or around Massachusetts, if you’re in search for a reliable and quality surgical clinic to undergo a breast reconstruction or its reformation, you can get in touch with the eminent dermatologist Kenneth Reed MD, the originator and chief of DermASAP, MA. The specialist dermatology clinic has been activated to offer the finest skin care and cosmetic solutions including elimination of scar, mole or accidental wound like burning injury and comprehensive process for breast augmentation or reconstruction with guaranteed satisfaction. A breast reconstruction procedure can be ideal for you under the following conditions:

  • In case, the volume of your breasts is not matching with the rest of your body parts or body type. To make it up to it up to the mark by which they look fuller and balanced with your body, you can opt for a breast reconstruction;
  • Like many other women, if you lose the normal size of your breasts that you had prior to your pregnancy, or illness, you can obviously plan for a breast reformation.
  • Breast cancer is nothing new and all across the world millions of women are becoming the victim of this lethal disease. Under such situations, following the mastectomy, one can plan for breast reconstruction to recoup her earlier look.

Another variety of fat grafting that has become very popular is referred to as LIPOFILLING. The procedure is considered as a great solution for fixing minor defects or problems in the size or shape of the breast. Importantly, also, to deal with post-surgical problems that commonly occur in average breast construction clinics; if the position of your already reconstructed breast is found imperfect, it can be effectively rectified by LIPOFILLING process.

Fat grafting is also considered as a safe and stress-free procedure as it does not involve any kind of major surgical process.  For people suffering from skin diseases or disorders like hair fall, baldness, nail or mucus problem, can meet Dr.Kenneth Reed MD for further discussion and solutions.  The eminent doctor states that the time required for the surgical procedure depends largely upon the type of service needed and health condition of a patient.

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