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Better out than in: wisdom tooth removal

Let’s face in: in most situations, it’s better out than in! Sometimes the advice that our parents give us is good advice – not because they are particularly talented, but because they have gone through exactly the same thing themselves! It sounds boring, we know, but often Mom and Dad do know best, and much of the advice that they give throughout the years can probably be summed up in these four words: better out than in! You may cringe, but let’s be honest, how many times have they said that to you? And how many times were they right? That’s what we thought – so we decided to look into whether this was also true for actual health problems such as terrible wisdom tooth pain.

Wisdom teeth hurt so much for two main reasons: because they are forcing their way through a huge amount of gum and tissue in order to break the surface which can be very painful in itself, and because they could be growing at an angle into another tooth or your jaw. This extra pressure that is placed on your jaw or other teeth will have a knock on effect on your whole body, creating extra tension, pain in your mouth, and sometimes sympathy pain in other areas. The longer that you leave your wisdom teeth in this position, the worse it can get, to the point where you almost cannot concentrate on anything else in your life because the pain is just so great.

So if you decide that San Diego wisdom teeth removal is the best choice for you, then how do you go about it? Well, firstly you will need to book a dentist appointment and chat things through with them. In San Diego wisdom teeth removals are very common, so it will not be difficult for you to find a dentist with a lot of experience of this particular dental procedure. They will do a full examination, focussing on your wisdom teeth. They may need to take an x-ray to see how the growth of the wisdom tooth is progressing, and this will help them to decide whether it is better to wait and see whether or not you will definitely need to have a San Diego wisdom teeth removal procedure, or whether there is a chance that the wisdom teeth will grow healthily. Of course, if you are in a substantial amount of pain then they will probably decide that, whether they are growing straight or not, it is time for them to come out.

You should not feel worried about the wisdom tooth removal procedure itself. In many ways, it is exactly the same as any other type of tooth removal – the only difference is that the recovery time is a little longer because it is often a much larger tooth. The removal itself should take less than an hour, and you should ensure that you have someone who can take you home as you may not be safe to drive after experiencing the pain medication that they give you during the treatment. It will take you a few days, perhaps three, to recover, and you should spend the majority of that time resting. Enjoy the sights in San Diego wisdom teeth removal completed, safe in the knowledge that you made the right decision to get those pesky teeth out of your mouth.

Better out than in. Why not have a chat with your dentist about your wisdom teeth. Are they starting to come through yet? Have you got one or two, but not the full set yet? And do you want them to come out?

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