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Many people have misconceptions with steroid use. To the newbies of bodybuilding, they might look to it as a miracle drug that’ll give them Superman like muscles. It’s as if it’s the most effective way to get big. I hate to burst their bubble but like all health-related supplements, it requires consistent exercise and strict diet to work. Unfortunately, as of today, there is no miracle pill that’ll answer all our bodybuilding prayers. However, this doesn’t discount all the benefits one can receive when taking steroids. With proper medical guidance, this can improve your frame and add some serious gains to your muscle. It’s an effective supplement. No wonder so many bodybuilders use it! Like all supplements, you should exercise a healthy dose of caution when you use it. In some countries, it’s even illegal to use it without a doctor’s prescription. So, before you take the plunge and fully commit to its use, you should know what to expect when taking any type of steroid or performance enhancer.

Internal Issues

Probably the most serious side-effect of taking any form of steroid is it can wreak havoc on your heart, liver, and kidneys. Those organs alone should be a signal that you shouldn’t take these supplements lightly. If you’re a wrestling fan you’ll notice how there are strangely a lot of wrestlers who die or suffered heart attacks or strokes. It has been speculated that these stem from excessive steroid use. Even if you have the most superior brands to buy fromwith the click of a mouse. Using caution might save you some long-term body pain.

Big and Bloated

The most serious effects are followed by some that are not as grave but still unwanted. Remember when you were 16 dealing with pimples? Well, get ready to relive the past because steroids have been known to aggravate and cause acne. Aside from that, you might even develop breasts. Yup, you read that right. Breasts! The male chest area will experience some enlargement, and not in the muscular kind of way, but in the man-boobs sort of area. Using these supplements is also related to water retention. Meaning you could look extra bloated because of all the water weight you’re gaining. Now in minimal and controlled doses, the side-effects won’t be so noticeable. That’s why before committing, it’s important to know what to expect.

It’s All Medical

Now, just because steroid use has all these detriments and side-effects, there are legitimate times when one needs to use steroids. It can be an effective treatment for muscle loss in AIDS patients and those suffering from arthritis. It is also used to treat individuals with abnormally low testosterone levels. Testosterone is a natural substance our bodies produce. If you’re experiencing low energy, slow muscle development, hair loss, and even sudden changes in mood, then you could be a candidate for taking steroid based supplements. These are best consulted with a doctor to confirm and to figure out the best dosage for you.

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