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Are Ceramic Coated Pans Safe?

These days, ceramic cookware has been one of the widely used eco-friendly cookware sets out there. Home cooks are looking for a safe and secure way to cook with non-stick cookware that is PFOA free. Basically, it is one of the oldest types of cookware which is still being used by modern society as it provides non-stick coating without the risk of perfluorinated carboxylic acid (PFOA) which is a toxic and synthetic coating on cookware.

You may find two different types of ceramic cookware that you should know for eco-friendly cooking needs – ceramic coated and 100% ceramic cookware.

Is Ceramic Coated Pan 100% Safe?

This product is marketed as ceramic cookware by the sellers and manufacturers of ceramic coated cookware. It provides non-stick coating without PFOA. There is no set standard to label 100% ceramic cookware and cheaper material which can cause confusion for this type of cookware. This is why 100% ceramic cookware is available for up to 3 times higher price than ceramic coated cookware set.

Keep in mind that 100% ceramic cookware sets are made of just water and clay. This blend is poured into molds. Each cookware item is fired several times to form a hard surface of cooking. Then the glaze is fired and applied again. It takes 21 days to complete the whole process.

On the other side, ceramic coated cookware has an aluminum core and it is dipped in a synthetic ceramic material with the thin ceramic layer to the cooking surface. The ceramic coated cookware has plastic-like, synthetic coatings which are softer than metal and the surface of ceramic cooking degrades its quality with daily use. But it still lasts up to 3 to 5 years.

The main problem comes due to the lack of a standard for ceramic coated and ceramic cookware which leads to confusion. Some of the ceramically coated cookware sets are marketed as ceramic cookware which can confuse buyers. Why choose 100% ceramic cookware for $300 when you can own ceramic coated one, which is also marketed as ceramic cookware?

It’s like choosing gold-plated jewelry instead of pure gold. Since its thin gold coating over other metal, it is not pure gold. So, it will not last long. The same stands for ceramic coated and ceramic cookware. The problem is when ceramic coated cookware has an aluminum base. When heated on high heat or overheated, it can leach through the coating and get into the food which can cause health problems.

Here’s what to consider when buying 100% ceramic cookware sets?

  • Both ceramic coated and ceramic cookware sets are PTFE and PFOA free and glass adds non-stick coating
  • Ceramic cookware has a one-piece handle and ceramic surface. On the other side, ceramic coated cookware has an aluminum base, plastic or metal handle affixed to the ceramic pan.
  • A 100% ceramic cookware set is available for around $300 to $400 instead of $100 to $150 for the ceramic coated set. Ceramic coated pan may last up to 3 to 5 years.
  • Ceramic cookware is microwave and stovetop safe and can handle up to 2000F of heat, while ceramic coated cookware is not microwaved safely because it has a metal base. In addition, it can resist only 350 degrees to avoid warping or damage.
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