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A chocolaty solution to heart diseases

Life is unpredictable, and heart disease is one thing that can suddenly affect and endanger your life. There are a zillion reasons why your heart might be a close target of these diseases, some of which include bad diet, smoking and even stress for that matter. But your favorite thing in the world can also protect you from heart problems. Heart Specialist doctor recommends daily consumption of chocolate to avoid cardiac diseases. However, that doesn’t mean that you live off chocolates and ignore the other aspects that can affect your heart.

Dark chocolate specifically contains a lot of nutrients that are good for your health. The antioxidants in it reduce the risk of heart diseases by restricting the cholesterol accumulated in the arteries. The fiber, iron, potassium and magnesium presence make it better. It maintains a good blood flow in your body and eventually controls the blood pressure. Cocoa has proved how beneficial it is for better cardiovascular health in the past. Even though it is not a treatment for heart disease, it is a perfect prevention plan.

What to pick?

However, you must know that all forms of cocoa don’t fight heart problems. When it is being processed into chocolate products, it goes through fermentation, roasting etc which makes it lose its flavanols. The flavanols are the main ingredient that avoids heart problems and munching on to white and highly processed chocolate just drags you towards more health problems. You must pick the dark chocolate that has gone under Dutch processing. You must spend some time in looking at the ingredients before you blindly pop that chocolate bar.

Overdose Alert!

You must be thinking that chocolate will do nothing but make you fat, but that is actually not the case. It makes you fat only if you pick something with nuts, marshmallow, caramel etc. The chocolates with a lot of extra ingredients expose you to fat. If you go for a plain dark chocolate, it’s effect on your body is going to be so much better.

You must also realize that the quantity you consume also plays an important role in determining whether anything will be healthy for you or not. With chocolate too, it’s the same thing. Even if you eat only dark chocolate, the excess of it is just going to make it worse for you. You can enjoy a piece of dark chocolate daily, but relying on only chocolate is going to do more harm than good.

From all your favorite things, chocolate is not the only one that prevents heart problems. Even though alcohol is not good for your health, wine improves the blood circulation and prevents heart diseases. However, here again, you cannot finish the entire bottle in one go. One glass a day is enough for you to make that heart healthier.

And what’s best to pair with wine? Dark Chocolate!

However, you must know that this can only prevent heart problems, and are not a cure for heart diseases. If you are facing any issues, you must get a heart disease treatment in order to maintain a healthy life.

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