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3 Types of Senior Community Options

When it comes to senior living care, there are three main types of residential units available. Yes there will be some variance but for the most part these three categories are how senior living communities break down. Note that some senior communities offer all three residences, whereas others will just offer one or two out of the three. For the most coverage and long-term care plans, think about the age progression and try to anticipate the what the future will hold.

Independent Living
When you are living independently, you are well, not tied down to any type of co-dependency. Where you live, you will be free to do as you please. Independent living at a seaview senior independent living care facility is attractive for it require minimal upkeep. Sure you are taking care of your home on the inside and things, but the outside and the outdoor maintenance is what you do not have to worry about. You are living in a private community also, so you would not have to worry about loud neighbors and things like that. Those reasons alone may make the independent living community attractive. You get to keep on living your life the way you want to, but you get some peace of mind and a few chores off of your to do list.

Assisted Living
Now assisted living is different than independent living. Yes there can be a mix between the two as well, but assisted living is in its own category. Living with assisted care, this means there is help with daily activities. Someone who lives with assisted care may need help with dressing, undressing, bathing, changing bed sheets, taking out the trash, even cooking meals. Now not all of this help may be needed, but tasks like these are offered to residents. If they have a need such as those listed, or even some off of the list, then it can be implemented into their schedule. If they need more (or less) help then that is communicated and the seniors tailored stay is adjusted once again. Assisted living is something that some seniors ease into as they need it.

Assisted Living with Memory Care
Since we have already covered assisted living and what that can look like, it has been taken a step further for those with memory care needs. For Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients who need memory care assistance, there are homes welcomed in this community as well. This is when the skilled nursing in particular comes in, on site, to assist with those diagnosed with a memory care condition. Making sure each person’s needs are met is a big ordeal, taken very seriously by the staff at senior retirement communities.

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